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Written by: TL on 11/05/2009 14:09:35

If you like relatively straight forward pop rock then you'll be pleased to know (if you didn't already) that Victory Records' hot shots The Audition are back this year. If you're a regular at this site you might remember that I didn't much care for their album from last year, the relatively mediocre and forgettable "Champion", and in general this band hasn't done great at redeeming themselves after giving me a poor showing back at Give It A Name 2007. In my review of "Champion" I warned them that it was strike two and that they had better do better next time. So is this strike three and out for them? Read on to find out.

For a brief moment I have my hopes up for the cheekily titled - not "The Audition" but - "Self Titled Album", but it soon becomes apparent that the improvement from "Champion" is a minimal one. Granted, Danny Stevens sings quite alright on this record, and the song structures seem to also have been strengthened a bit, with choruses that have slightly more punch to them than before. Still though, the areas that needed the most improvement have been left as were. This music is still too simple, too predictable and worst of all, it's too God damn shallow.

Granted, plenty of bands do fine with songs based on simple traditional chord structures, and I'm not usually not one to get my panties in a pinch over lyrics, but the bullshit this band fills their songs with is enough to get me steaming. It's as if Stevens really doesn't have anything in his head but girls, and with his lazy rhymes and cheesy lines he is making all but the most gullible of groupies feel less and less sophisticated with every word he sings. A few choice stinkers could be; "I feel my temperature rising, for youuUuUuUuu!" or how about "I love the way that you moOoOove, and all the things that you doOoOo". I'm not sure I can tell the difference between this and assembly line R'n'B.. Can you?

Now I'm not principally opposed towards words with which one can woo a woman, but yet another album of this clumsy "Woah-Ohh" faggotry is just more than I can take seriously. It speaks in the band's defense that I can find myself singing along to a line or two here and there if my mind is elsewhere, but then the same goes for a band like Nickelback, whom The Audition also even manage to sound like on "It's Gonna Be Hard (When I'm Gone)". Wait, what did I just write? They sound like Nickelback? That's it, strike three, Audition's over, you're out.


Download: My Temperature Rising, Los Angelses,
For The Fans Of: The Academy Is.., Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack

Release Date: 24.04.2009
Victory Records

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