Darkness Ablaze

Darkness Ablaze

Written by: TL on 07/05/2009 14:31:17

Okay so here's a review in which I won't mess around much. The band whose heads are on the chopping block are Darkness Ablaze, a German metal six-piece, and the album up for review is their first LP, also titled "Darkness Ablaze".

Basically, the band play a rather straight forward brand of melodic death metal, adding a touch of folk metal here and a touch of black metal there. The songs are mainly fast paced with some fair riffage laying down some groove while the drums gallop ahead. Melodies are provided on top either by the lead guitar or by the keyboard and it is the latter that occasionally makes you think of folk/black metal. It's not especially mind blowing, but not blatantly retarded either, like I said, it's pretty straight forward and likeable if you're into that sort of thing.

Trouble is though, that the vocals on this album are all you're going to remember after listening, because they are so God damn awful I don't know what to make of it. Much like it was the case with another (equally corny named) band that I remember reviewing once, Darkness Ablaze try to establish some contrast by having a high pitched snarl duel a deep growl, failing miserably because while the former is average at the very - very - best, the growl is a clear cut case of the classic cookie monster syndrome. You can barely decipher a word that either is trying to 'sing' and none of it sounds anything even remotely close to 'awesome'.

This epic failure on vocalist Theo Georgitsaros' behalf pretty much ruins the songs on "Darkness Ablaze" consistently, dragging them all down with him from the pinnacles of mediocrity to the depths of amateurism. If you add all this to the fact that what's attempted here has been done to death before, and better so, I think I have enough material to mark this record as pretty damn worthless. Off with their heads I say! Next.

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For The Fans Of: Run of the mill melodeath/black metal and cookie monster vocals
Listen: myspace.com/darknessablaze

Release Date: 02.10.2008
Black Bards Entertainment

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