Crimson Cult

Crimson Cult

Written by: PP on 05/05/2009 18:09:31

Salzburg, Austria based Crimson Cult may have a band name hinting at a creation sometime in the 80s, but these guys have been together for less than a year following the split of Stygma IV. According to the promo information, their self-titled debut album was written in just three weeks, which perfectly explains why the album sounds as cliché power/heavy metal as it gets. Throughout the record, Crimson Cult namely follow the genre formula like the first graders follow the ABC - slavishly and with no actual input or originality present.

"Land Of The Crimson Night" is easily the best track on the record, with "2000 Lights" grabbing the second place on the effort. Of the remainder of material here, barely any of them has made any impression on me whatsoever. It's once again a case of not being particularly bad per se, just unoriginal and heard-before in all points. Because lets be honest here, the huge soundscape, colossal riff, scratchy-but-epic clean vocal style has been done so many times that anyone following since the 70s and 80s has lost count about a hundred times already. Trying to remember the sheer number of signed bands of this style in just the last 10 years is like remembering 25 digits of pi - not impossible but so fucking pointless.

In other words (or in case I didn't make myself clear just yet), Crimson Cult are a power metal band who sound like all the other power metal bands in the genre. They have the ability to play their instruments well, but lack the basic (or advanced?) skill to write good songs. They're just on their debut album and they already sound stale, dated and, frankly, boring. That's not a good start.


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For the fans of: Rough Silk, Virgin Steele, power metal
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Release date 20.04.2009
Dockyard 1

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