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Das Monster Aus Dem Schrank

Written by: PP on 05/05/2009 13:59:19

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get any trendier than We Butter The Bread With Butter and their album "Das Monster Aus Dem Schrank". Not only do they own a ridiculous name, but their music is also all about deathcore breakdowns, pig squeals, and songs about internet phenomena ("World of Warcraft"). A quick look at their online store demonstrates that their t-shirts are so bright your eyes hurt (those are so freaking scene)... and as if that wasn't enough, the band throws in the recently much dreaded 'neon' element into their sound in the form of synths that sound like they're from a b-class horror movie. An even quicker look at their Last.FM genre tags will tell you if you should keep reading or not (gaycore? buttercore? wtf).

Intrigued yet? Lets start dissecting the record from "Intro", which honestly sounds like it was stolen from Mr Oizo's "Flat Beat" - what an introduction to a brutal deathcore album, eh? Well, things aren't so bad in the first 10 seconds of "Schlaf Kindlein Schlaf", which features an opening scream and tremolo shredding that could easily push one into thinking this is another death/black metal band. But that only lasts for a moment before the electro synths come in, and my god are they annoying until you get used to them. And what about the screaming/growling? It's fucking terrible. It sounds like this dude is vomiting because he lacks either ability or power in his guttural scream. But that's all well and good, because at some point the secondary vocalist comes in, and I don't even know how to describe how bad his vocals are. They aren't even vocals, it actually sounds like he is burping his way through the songs while having an extreme throat ache. How exactly this got approved by the label is a bit of a mystery to me....

Okay, I realize I've been acting like negative-nancy in the review, but can you blame me? The vocals are all in German, so I can only review from the sounds and the imagery used. I was trying to find a picture of what the inlay of the album looks like for you guys, but since I couldn't find it, I'll just have to describe it: 16 Myspace angled photos in weird colours of underage girls in too little clothes all posing with the text WBTBWB somewhere on their bodies, clothes or on a piece of paper. The pictures can all be found separately here (scroll down a bit). See what I mean? Anyway, there are some redeeming factors present here, like some pretty funky melodies all over the place. Indeed, if you remove the failing vocal work, the instrumentation is actually really good in places, and therefore it's not difficult to understand why these guys have three million plays on Myspace. If you are able to get over the following facts, you may actually even enjoy this record immensely: a) Deathcore b) neon synths c) completely emo faggotry all over their Myspace profile d) ultra-ultra-ultra trendy on all counts (they call themselves electrocore / deathcore). Otherwise, you'll probably grade this even lower than I will.


Download: Schlaf Kindlein Schlaf, World Of Warcraft
For the fans of: Every internet music trend imaginable. War From A Harlots Mouth, Job For A Cowboy, Bring Me The Horizon
Listen: Myspace

Release date 21.11.2008
Redfield Records

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