Protected Hell

Written by: PP on 05/05/2009 13:33:00

Disbelief are a German death metal / melodic death metal hybrid who are already on their 8th album "Protected Hell". I can't say I've heard much of anything by them in the past, so bear with me as I share my thoughts on the record with you without referencing their older material at all. But even so, the first aspect of "Protected Hell" you'll notice is how Swedish/Nordic it sounds. There are no signs of trying to be friggin' br00tal or to throw in annoying-as-hell heavy metal inspired clean vocals into the mix, this is pure one-guitar melody meets crushing bass and rhythmic drums all the way through.

Tue Madsen's production expertise in this area is utilized to maximum as every instrument is clear in the mix, but additional praise must be directed at the vocal department, which truly excels and makes this record much better than it otherwise would be. The growls are clearly decipherable, recalling the melodic delivery of the dude from Enter My Silence, and they utterly dominate the soundscape just the way they should do on a melodeath record. But be wary of thinking Disbelief are another In Flames clone, because like I mentioned in the start of this review, they are merely a melodeath hybrid, meaning that the classic down-tuned, sludgy sound of death metal is still prevalent here. The riffs are well thought-out and melodic, but not to the point of justifying calling them purely melodeath tunes.

Keeping that in mind, "Protected Hell" will best appeal to those who appreciate some melody in their death metal, but don't want it to overdose in it just like Dark Tranquillity or In Flames do. The only criticism for the album is that it sounds a little monotonous and there isn't much variety, but overall, the quality is pretty decent all the way through and the material is solid for what it is.


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For the fans of: Fear My Thoughts, Graveworm, Lay Down Rotten
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Release date 20.04.2009
Massacre Records

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