Written by: MS on 07/04/2005 01:07:17

The new album from Adema entitled "Planets" is not really anything to write home about. The album is very average, and nowhere as good as some of their earlier stuff. The vocals are much less intriguing, and sounds like some popband. The riffs are very simple and standard nu-metal style. From time to time there's a cool riff or fill, but not often. Another thing that bothers me is the great amount of ballads. Although some of them turn heavy during the chorus or towards the end, they just seem to dominate the album too much. Not that I don't like ballads, but it's not really like Adema. There are a couple of good songs on here though. All in all very average.


Download: Shoot The Arrows, Sevenfold

For the fans of: Flaw, POD

Release Date 5.4.2005


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