The Urgency

The Urgency

Written by: PP on 22/04/2009 15:29:35

The Urgency are an alternative rock four-piece with a modest amount of pop punk influence in their music. They could also be described as digging into the base of the older emocore sound of bands, except The Urgency are entirely devoid of the screaming element that was brought in by early bands in the genre. There's a distinct attempt at a huge arena-sized echoing sound, and as a result, their sound incorporates lots of theatric effects. On paper that may sound like artificial inflation of the sound, but there's enough (*sigh*) urgency in the band's sound, which is why they are able to pull it off so convincingly.

Most of the show is lead by the charismatic vocal performance of Tyler Gurwicz, who masterfully turns every chorus into a massive sing along fest. Bits and pieces of his performance actually remind me of the change Lostprophets took from "Start Something" to "Liberation Transmission"; the focus merely shifted from pop rock into massive arena-rock with stupendous choruses. "Rooftops", "Crimes" and "Memories" are all good examples on the record. A more interesting connection I've read in a number of places is that Fingertips sounds like a beefier version of The Police, but I honestly can't hear it, so you be the judge of that. To me, The Urgency shares a lot more in common with pop rock/alternative rock/emocore acts such as National Product, Armor For Sleep, So They Say and perhaps even Anberlin.

While The Urgency may not be re-inventing the wheel, their brand of huge-chorus-dynamic-verse songwriting approach works well for a debut album. You won't find any surprises on the record, but at the same time the band is able to side-step sounding formulaic like so many bands like this do. There's a good number of songs where you can't help but sing along, and when you've accomplished that, your record can't be all that bad.

Download: Fingertips, Rooftops, Crimes, Hot Damn
For the fans of: National Product, Anberlin, Armor For Sleep, So They Say
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Release date 21.04.2009
Mercury Records

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