The Breakers

Here For A Laugh

Written by: PH on 01/02/2006 15:54:19

Get ready to dance. The danish band The Breakers releases their sophomore album at the absolutely right time, with the hyped wave of danceable indie rock bands like Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and so forth.

The band is now residing on Good Guy's Recording Company, after a rather flopped debutalbum, which was released by Sony.

From the very first track, "Dance The Go-Go", The Breakers indicate that this is going to be pure rock'n'roll, just like in the good old days. Vocalist Toke Nisted has a voice quite similar to D:A:D's Jesper Binzer, and the D:A:D influence becomes even more obvious, since the majority of the songs could be material from an early D:A:D record. I'm sure that fans of classic bands like Rolling Stones would find "Here For A Laugh" interesting, as it wouldn't have surprise me if the album had surfaced during the 70s.

All in all, "Here For A Laugh" is a decent album from The Breakers. This is obviously not going to be an international breaktrough, but they will probably get some recognition within the borders of Denmark.


Download: Dance The Go-Go

For The Fans Of: Men Women & Children, Early D:A:D

Release Date: 23.01.2006

Good Guy's Recording Company

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