Mr Beast

Written by: PP on 01/02/2006 10:08:15

Mogwai is one of the latest victims of early internet leakage. Their new album, "Mr Beast", leaked already in early december, and the band risks their fans being bored of their new album even before it is officially released. Or do they? I think not. Mogwai's soft indie rock isn't something you have on your stereos 24/7. It's music to create an atmosphere, to put yourself in a certain mood, or just music to relax to. The beautiful piano melodies of the album opener "Auto Rock" or the delicate guitar harmonies supported by lo-fi drumming and soft vocals of "Acid Food" would be awesome to witness in a live gig hall. The hall would probably see metamorphosis into the seventh heaven during these two songs.

And it is here where Mogwai's strength lies; in creating atmospheres and painting textures to your mind, because there is almost nothing in the world that beats relaxing on your bed while listening to the soft vocals of "Travel Is Dangerous". The vocals themselves are used sparingly, and you don't tend to notice when they are missing. Or perhaps it's the other way around, that you don't notice them when they are around, because they blend into the music so well, that if you're not paying attention, they'll slip by you and leave no traces.

One thing is for sure, Mogwai has created a challanging piece of artistic indie rock, which gives a whole new life to your surroundings when played. It will most definitely be a significant indie album this year.


Download: Auto Rock, Acid Food
For the fans of: Explosions In The Sky, Radiohead

Release date 07.03.2006
Matador Records

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