Acid Witch

Witchtanic Hellucinations

Written by: AB on 09/04/2009 18:56:52

Even though PP and TL keep throwing random extreme metal albums and promos in my general direction, there are still a few albums I've found on my own that I feel deserves my attention first. The first of these (more will come soon, honest) is American/Finnish Acid Witch, a doomy death band that despite the not so subtle gimmick of Halloween witches actually has managed to create one spectacular album with "Witchtanic Hellucinations".

Starting off with an little intro in which the Acid Witch invites the listener into her cave and to gather around her bubbling cauldron, "Witchtanic Hellucinations" then quickly kicks into pure freakish death/doom complete with chugga-chugga heavy-as-fuck riffs, ultra guttural, gut wrenching growls, heavily distorted guitars, piercing solos, and the heaviness of a 100 ft. concrete bong. Bong? Yeah, bong. It sounds like all the guys were high while writing and recording "Witchtanic Hellucinations" in pure 70s fashion, and this image is complemented by their use of organs mixed with the quirky solos, synths and the general psychedelia. I mean, the instrumental parts of the album was recorded in an old haunted house, the organ has sometimes been run through guitar pedals, and conversely, some of the weirder solos have been through a synthesizer filter, creating a truly freaky atmosphere. Of particular note is the aforementioned solos which have been enhanced in the mix and floats on top of everything else while they're on.

Listening to Acid Witch sounds like old Autopsy joining up with Winter for some beers, and then jamming some old Goblin, Black Sabbath and trippier The Doors tunes, and in the meantime watching 70s Italian horror flicks. While tripping on LSD. The sound is thick and dense all the time, and this is undeniably doom/death metal and not psychedelic rock of some sorts.

A throughout weird, murky and grabbing experience, Acid Witch completely manages to work with their 'theme' convincingly; I can't imagine how else one would have made an album about witches without sounding silly. Acid Witch has managed to put together a truly disgusting witches' brew with "Witchtanic Hellucinations"; an album that reeks of stale beer, atmosphere, DIY attitude (everything was done by these guys, including the cover etc), underground death metal and 70s acid. No tricks, lotsa treats.


Download: Witchblood Cult, The Black Witch, Swamp Spells, October 31st
For the fans of: Autopsy, Blood Freak,
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Release date 24.10.2008
Razorback Records

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