Kamikaze Love Reducer

Written by: PP on 01/02/2006 08:44:58

Sweden's Psychopunch is now six albums down with "Kamikaze Love Reducer" and show no sign of changing their glam rock/80s hair metal sound to anything more modern. Everything about this cd screams out the rock-n-roll attitude usually associated with groupies, heavy partying, destroying hotel rooms and all that legendary M?tley Cr?e/Mot?rhead behaviour. It's only too bad that Psychopunch is over one and a half decades too late, and this old Bon Jovi revivalist style with big solos and even bigger choruses just won't do it today. Songs like "Everlasting" are more cheezy than relevant, and even though the occasional gems on the album ("Overrated", "On The Stereo", "Poison Alley Groove") catch your attention, the near-acoustic songs like "When This World Is Dying" break the flow and, at least for me, cause the listener to fall asleep.

If you are paying attention, songs like the previosly mentioned "Overrated" contain influences also from the 80s melodic punk bands like Bad Religion, Black Flag and Minor Threat, though not obvious enough to be recognized unless you are really into these bands. It's really too bad for Psychopunch that it's the 21st century, because this is a record that would've done really well back in the day. But for those of you who feel like you were born in the wrong decade, this album is exactly what you need to get back to the golden days.


Download: Overrated, On The Stereo
For the fans of: Bon Jovi, Mot?rhead

Release date 20.01.2006
Silverdust Records
Provided by Target ApS

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