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Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy EP

Written by: PP on 03/04/2009 15:23:23

Last I heard of British pop punkers Save Your Breath was two years ago when they opened for The Wonder Years in Kingston, UK, where they showed commendable energy in their performance even if their songs didn't quite manage as big of a stranglehold on me as I would've hoped from a band that's long been hailed to be on the verge of becoming the best British pop punk act (kind of similar to what you hear about All Or Nothing, eh?). Well, now they've put together a new EP called "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy", which will also receive a release Stateside on Billie Joe Armstrong's label Adeline Records. So you could say things are going well for these guys.

Just in case you haven't seen their name pop up occasionally in Rock Sound or Kerrang, Save Your Breath plays straight forward, energetic pop punk in the vein of All Or Nothing, The Years Gone By, and with a pinch of New Found Glory in a couple of songs. A good example is the 45 second EP opener "X Ry X Almost Died At A Foam Party", a fast-paced anthem that in such a short space still manages to put out a couple of killer hooks and a melodic chorus. The pace and energy is kept up in every song; "You're Got Lizard Blood" (what's up with these titles?) has a catchy, bouncy chorus that'll have you dancing and singing along, and the album highlight "Rhys-O And The Legend Of Big Phone" has those "Never giving up, never giving up" gang-repetitions which certainly nod towards early New Found Glory, and share much common ground with Detroit pop punkers Fireworks.

So all's well and good, eh? Not quite. There's a great underlying melody in each song, now all these British youngsters need is a good producer who knows how to extract just the right sound out of their guitars. As it stands now, the songs have way too much treble and sound strangely hollow, and are therefore difficult to fall in love with, which is a shame, because it's easy to hear that underneath the ringing guitar sound there's a whole lot of genuinely good melody lurking, waiting to be released onto a clearer production platform and fulfill the expectations people are starting to have for these guys.


Download: Rhys-O And The Legend Of Big Phone
For the fans of: All Or Nothing, The Years Gone By, New Found Glory
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Release date 09.03.2009
Stage Dive / Adeline Records

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