Lights And Sounds

Written by: PP on 31/01/2006 09:35:57

Yellowcard has shifted their sound quite dramatically towards MTV with their latest album "Lights And Sounds". If you are expecting another "Ocean Avenue", be warned, for "Lights And Sounds" takes the bands sound even more towards the mainstream rock/singalong rock genres.

Many of you may have heard only the single "Lights And Sounds", and you may be fooled by it. The album isn't anywhere near as fast and pop-punk'ish as this song. Sure, there are some exceptions like "Rough Landing Holly", "Grey" and "Holly Wood Died", but most of the tracks on the album are either slow, boring, anthemic or a combination of all three. Every time the album seems to get its flow going, it's broken by yet another slow song. The violin infused, poppy "City of Devils" and the ultra cheesy "Two Weeks From Twenty" should never have been on a Yellowcard album, and while you can forgive the existence of the slow, but catchy "Space Travel", you can't help but think how good this album would be if all songs were like the fast, guitar-driven gem "Rough Landing, Holly", or the great album finisher "Holly Wood Died".

Fortunately for Yellowcard, most of their fans are already fans of mainstream rock, and this move towards the MTV sound will pass through unnoticed. For those of us who valued the songs like "Ocean Avenue", as some of the best you can find in the pop punk scene, this album is a huge disappointment. Magazine front covers here we come.


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For the fans of: The All-American Rejects, Good Charlotte

Release date 24.01.2006

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