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Klamydia are like Finland's Bad Religion or NOFX. Formed sometime in 1988, the band have been putting out punk rock records at an impressive rate of almost one album per year ever since then, with "Rujoa Taidetta" being the fifteenth studio album since their inception. The album went straight to #1 in the Finnish charts, which really says it all about the popularity of these guys in their home country. At the same time, the media and the critics absolutely loathe these guys, partly because their lyrics are often vulgar and simplistic, and partly because Klamydia hates keeping their mouth shut about whatever topic currently being debated in the country.

It's an interesting contrast though, because Klamydia sing about topics that everyone but the upper class can relate to: about feeling stupid, alcohol abuse, sexual encounters and that sort of thing. They've been accused of using lots of cliché proverbs and metaphors in their texts, which is also the case on "Rujoa Taidetta", but really that's part of their appeal. When you then consider that Klamydia knows exactly how to craft easily accessible three-chord punk rock often recalling a cleaner version of early Pennywise, topping each song off with a monster sticky chorus, it's no surprise that they have sold over 500,000 records in Finland overall. That means one in five Finns owns at least one record by Klamydia. Impressive.

The title track, "Miljoonan Kilsan Tennarit", "Mä Oon Tyhmä", "Haaveet Elättää", and "Hän On Poissa" are the highlights of the album, fusing together the catchy choruses and raw punk energy to the extent that the songs can still be called punk rock and played at the radio stations simultaneously. In other words, they present a good mix of pop and punk rock, appealing to people all over the music spectrum. The only problem is that Klamydia sing in Finnish so I don't expect most readers of Rockfreaks.net to even give a damn, but I'm sure there are a few Finns out there who will appreciate some positive comments about the band that the media loves to hate. I'm not calling "Rujoa Taidetta" an artistic masterpieces, because it's far from that, but it's a great record to stick on during those times when you just don't wanna think.


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For the fans of: Pennywise, NOFX
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Release date 25.02.2009
Usvaputki / Kråklund Records

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