Arson Is For Lovers

Written by: TL on 25/03/2009 23:30:22

Merit is the name of a band that has me at a loss of words, at least when it comes to composing an intriguing introduction for them (or maybe I'm just lazy tonight), so without further ado, let me just declare this the opening of the review of their newest album "Arson Is For Lovers".

The Merit moniker covers a four piece from Syracuse, NY who play a happy-go-lucky branch of indie/punk-rock, tinted slightly with the warm glow we all recognize from the golden days of 90's alternative rock. If that doesn't clue you in, just think of Saves The Day, because while Merit may very well have a female singer, her lines still sound so incredibly much like those of Chris Conley (I'm thinking "Stay What You Are" especially), that I'm almost googling to check if he had a sex-change. Especially given how the instrumentation is also very similar.

Okay, so they sound like Saves The Day with a chick singer, good for them right? Saves The Day are a pretty good band, "Stay What You Are" was a pretty good album.. right? Well.. Yes, that is in fact precisely right. Weaving warm songs of that kind, with both poppy melodies and a garage feel to them, there's really not much to dislike about "Arson Is For Lovers". The whole record is easily accessible and enjoyable.. And that's about all there is to it. Songs like "Fess Up" and the title track are the catchiest of the lot, but not by a longshot, and in general things are good but not amazing. You can pop the album on for some casual and cheerful music to accompany your doings without ever coming in danger of having your legs blown away from under you by something exceptionally awesome. For this, the songs and especially singer Brenna's delivery, are maybe just a bit too cute. It rarely (if ever) feels like much is at stake in Merit's world, and as such you'll probably enjoy their music without getting wrapped up in it. I'm struggling to come up with something more interesting to say about it, but it just seems like my words are failing me again. What can I say? Good, but not great.

Download: Arson Is For Lovers, Fess Up, Blue Bedroom
For The Fans Of: Saves The Day, Mae

Release Date: 24.03.2009
Aux Records

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