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Define / Redefine EP

Written by: PP on 23/03/2009 13:02:02

Toms River, New Jersey based One Win Choice have been traveling under the radar of the 'scene' for some time now despite releasing a decent debut full length "Never Suspend Disbelief" in 2007, but from what I've heard about this band and their ideology, that's precisely the way they want it to be. They aren't interested in being part of a scene, they merely wish to play the best punk / hardcore they can, and throw their hearts fully in it in the process. Based on the sounds of their new EP "Define / Redefine", you could just as well call it 'true' underground punk / hardcore, considering how it fills all the characteristics of a more unknown release, complete with the nice and edgy production, as well as the passion that trickles through each of Dan Kloza's gravelly vocal lines.

So basically, One Win Choice are aligned to the punk / hardcore genre, although each song flirts with melodic guitar lines. They're much harsher than bands like Rise Against and Strike Anywhere, but the premise and the goal is the same: to inject honest, fierce, and straightforward hardcore with a good dose of melody and a no-frills attitude; there isn't any room for bullshit in their sound. Varying tempos from the breakneck speed to the medium-paced, guarantee nice diversity in a genre that often sounds like every song is a repeat of the original song; top in some technical guitar work recalling Bigwig and No Trigger, and you certainly can't call any of the songs boring, quite the contrary: all five tracks are as solid as they are underground.

But herein lies One Win Choice's problematics as well: while I wouldn't ever mind popping on one of these tracks just for their raw, unadulterated passion and energy, the songwriting overall isn't quite up where one would hope it to be just yet. There are a number of sweet licks and melodic hooks scattered across the EP, but it's difficult to remember or bring forth a particular track for praise, because "Define / Redefine" lacks the punch-effect of an EP which has one or two stand-out songs leaving you standing in your tracks. All it would take is one killer anthem to seal the deal, but perhaps it's a little too early for that just yet. Lets wait until the next release before we pass the final judgment.

Download: Every Heart, Failure To Quit
For the fans of: Static Radio NJ, Only Crime, No Trigger, Hit The Switch, All Selected
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Release date 16.02.2009
Jump Start Records

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