What Doesn't Kill Me

Written by: TL on 22/03/2009 21:36:15

Some of you may remember a review from a few weeks ago, where I gave the Danish thrashers from The Burning a good bashing, only to receive a bashing in return from enraged fans who thought that an emo faggot like myself has no business reviewing a thrash band (nevermind the fact that I count far heavier bands than The Burning among my favourites). If you do remember that, then you could consider skipping this review, as it will merely feature me pissing in the cereal of a highly similar band. If you don't then by all means read on to figure out what I dislike about the Hungarians in Ektomorf and their 9th album called "What Doesn't Kill Me".

The opening song "Rat War" serves as a nice introduction to what is at play here. You've got your guitars tuned down to some abysmally low tuning (I'm thinking of KoRn), playing chugging riffage of such vulgar simplicity that if it weren't for the solos spread here and there, you wouldn't be able to tell that there are two of them. Then you've got your vocalist who has definitely grown up worshiping Pantera, spitting out a harsh stream of profane lyrics, complete with clumsy rhetorics and poor grammar - Or does he not sing "What doesn't kill me MAKE me stronger" in the albums title song at track three? Maybe it's just his pronunciation that's poor, but either way, details like this, combined with the large amount of saying "FUCK" and the little (next to no) amount of variety in his performance is annoying me.

At this point, four to five songs into the record, I'm already feeling quite sick of listening to it. One thing is the stupefying chest-hammering macho-bullshit simplicity of the music, another is that it seems to vary almost unnoticeably from song to song. In fact, I can hardly tell when the tracks skip till I arrive at "Sick Of It All", a track in which Ektomorf have decided to finally branch out by featuring a mediocre rapper on the song, effectively ending up sounding like P.O.D, only slightly worse. I don't think I need to say that this is not what was needed to salvage something from this wreckage of a record.

In the end, it is the opinion of this pathetic misguided emo-kid, that Ektomorf have nothing going for them on "What Doesn't Kill Me", but a retarded tough guy attitude that any member of the bipedal species should find tiring to listen to. Even those that do have a tendency towards Neanderthal music and worshiping of the infamous 'Cowboys from Hell', should rather be listening to Infernoise, a band far more convincing and impressive in their tribute, or just go for something that's actually fast and vicious, like Cavalera Conspiracy. Ah whatever, let the hating begin;


Download: Nothing Left, What Doesn't Kill Me,
For The Fans Of: Infernoise, Pantera, The Burning
Listen: myspace.com/ektomorf

Release Date: 20.03.2009
AFM Records

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