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Commercial Suicide

Written by: PH on 23/01/2006 19:38:38

Sex, Drugs & Rock'N'Roll. That describes Rock Hard Power Spray's debut "Commercial Suicide" quite effectively. They won the german Emergenza festival battle of the bands contest, and are currently touring as support for The Bloodhound Gang. Everything is finally starting to look bright for this up and coming Danish punk act.

The pace and energy of the album is unbelievable for a Danish band. Every single song is solid, fast punk rock, and the band avoids making the same mistake as a lot of bands by not including any soft or acoustic songs on their album.

The album contains about 12 tracks with catchy riffs, solos and loads of catchy chorus'. But, but, but. It contains 16 songs. They should have sticked with those 12 songs on the album, because it gets slighty monotonous in the long run. Still, this doesn't remove your first impressed conception of the album.

Many listeners will find the lyrics ridiculous, and will find it too full of clich?s for it to be a meaningful album for them. Others will find this record a relief. I mean, there are few bands today who are doing the "Sex, Drugs & Rock'N'Roll" lifestyle completely.

I sincerely hope that Rock Hard Power Spray will be on everyone's lips after this release - they surely deserve it.


Download: 3rd of the 5th, Nicoteen

For The Fans Of: Ramones

Release Date 30.01.2006

Universal Music

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