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Written by: PH on 22/01/2006 14:07:48

Do you like progressive metal such as Dream Theater? If so, you will find yourself in love with this album. Devin Townsend, or Hevy Devy as he's mostly called, has been involved in many bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Punky Br?ster, Noisescapes and Grey Skies usually as the Lead Vocalist and Guitarist.

This is an album that bathes in the lavish soundscape of Devin Townsend's utopia-gone-mad world. It is a dark album musically, but it does contain a few beautiful acoustic songs such as the opener "Let It Roll". This journey through the world of Devin Townsend leaves you with the feeling, that this is truly something he has put a lot of work into.

Just to analyze a bit: it's obvious that the whole album is one big song. When a song ends, the following song continues straight from where the previous one finished. This is a well known phenomena in the world of rock. Some bands do this, just to try to seem unique, but this is not the case here.

"Synchestra" is a strong and impressive album, with a couple of catchy songs here and there, such as "Vampira". Do not hesitate to buy this album.


Download: Babysong, Vampira

For the fans of: Dream Theater

Release Date 30.01.2006

InsideOut Music

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