Ultra-Selfish Revolution

Written by: TL on 09/03/2009 23:09:15

It's slightly ironic, that I'm reviewing a record by an artist named Egoist, when really the only reason I took it was to take one for the team. This, the debut album "Ultra-Selfish Revolution" had been lying idle in a forum thread for a while, no one seemingly wanting to give it any attention, and in the end I just figured that I'd do it. How bad can it be right?

I should've known asking such a question was the same as asking for trouble, and nonetheless, the answer is pretty damn bad. As is explained in the promotional description on the release, in rather poor English I might add, the Egoist moniker covers the name of Stanislaw Wolonciej. A drummer from a Polish band called "NeWBReeD" (yes, they spell it like that it seems). Don't feel bad if you haven't heard about them, for I haven't either. Nevertheless the history of theirs and Stan's musical endeavors can also be found over at the Egoist myspace. Read it and weep while I attempt to convey the atrocity that is his music.

It takes less than the duration of the first song "The Rest Will Follow" for me to know deep in my heart, that this is not a CD I want to ever put on again, let alone hear the rest of, and I'm afraid that subsequent spins have yet to reveal a saving grace. The music is a mix of strange ambiance, annoying vocals and guitar riffs that are uglier than even Helmet are capable of, and the songs are without even the slightest hint of a hook or a structure that's worthy of your attention. It seems like Stan is trying to compose something that's really challenging and avantgarde, but considering how his product ranges from boring to plain annoying to listen to, the sheer pretense of this puts me in a foul mood, and that's the direct reason for the malicious tone of this article.

I know this is a sad excuse for a review, but I can't take this. I can't even imagine how anyone could ever think of awarding somebody with a record deal for this stuff. Being strange is ok, as long as it's a means towards an end, and here being strange just seems to be the point, and it pisses me off. I suppose it's slightly impressive that Stan has managed to play all the instruments on this record on his own (bar a solo or two where guests help out), but when it comes to composing anything that any sane person would want to listen to, I wouldn't advice that he quit his day job.


Download: I wouldn't recommend it.
For The Fans Of: I don't know.. Ugly music!

Release Date: 09.03.2009

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