Reflections in B Minor

Written by: KS on 18/01/2006 17:34:29

RSJ was formed in 2003 and consists of the classical 4 man setup. Their first EP "The Day After" brought a lot of attention to the band and their energetic and devastating live performance gathered a solid fan base in the UK, which has allowed them to appear on stage with bands like Biohazard, Minus and Raging Speedhorn. "Reflections in B Minor" is their debut full length and they're going to show the world how to play metal and I must say it's got good rhythms, some amazingly heavy mammoth like riffs, a lot of gut-punching drumming and ear-tearing screamed vocals - this is classic brutal metal and I quite like it.

In the beginning though, it was quite hard to set the 12 different tracks on the album apart but as you keep listening, it will open up and get better and clearer. Unfortunately there isn't really anything that makes RSJ that much different from other metal acts, but even so, sometimes it's nice to just groove along and let loose. In the end, this is quite solid, but not outstanding in any way. I would never have had the chance to listen to this if I hadn't received a promotional copy, it just sort of drowns in the masses. It's a shame, but that's how it is.


Download: Blood and Sand
For the fans of: Raging Speedhorn, Face Down

Release date 07.11.2005
Casket Music
Provided by Target ApS

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