All Blood Is Red

Written by: PP on 26/02/2009 12:34:34

Although Tribazik's name may fool you, they aren't an extreme metal band, so don't feel prejudiced about these guys before reading the rest of the review, because despite the stupendously bad choice of a name that should scare off about 95% of potential listeners, they've put together quite an interesting package on their debut album "All Blood Is Red". Notice how I haven't lumped these guys into a genre yet? That's because it's damn near impossible to pigeonhole their sound, considering how it borrows bits and pieces from genres as various as acid, industrial, tribal (yeah, we'll get to that), electro and even nu-metal. Sounds weird? You bet, and it's also something I'd like to slap our trusty 'extremely original' tag straight from the get go.

Basically, "All Blood Is Red" relies on an interplay between heavy effects experimentation and industrial rock/metal soundscapes, together with drum- and rhythm sequences that sound like they've been inspired by a similar tribal feel as some of Sepultura's Brazilian culture-influenced material - apparently they are played live and triggered from various pads around the drumkit. Interesting. The guitars are almost exclusively distorted to the maximum in the same way as nu-metal bands did when the genre was first coined (think early koRn, Fear Factory, and perhaps Marilyn Manson as well), providing a distinctly industrial starting point which is then expanded by the various pedal and keyboard effects. On top of that, the band has a clean vocalist who specializes in exceptionally haunting choruses, sung in slightly off-tune melodies that are sure to stick to your mind for weeks. Check out "Warning Has Broken" and "Small Are We" for great examples of how to make a lasting chorus without having to sound poppy at all. Sounds strange yet? Then we have "Smokescreen", which has effects that sound exactly like when you hang up a phone call in SKYPE (!?) thrown in the midst of somewhat chaotic instrumentals. What's even weirder is that the sounds fit in seamlessly. Similar weird moments are scattered across the album, so at least you can't call listening to "All Blood Is Red" a boring experience because you're being surprised by unfathomably strange sounds song after song - or how else would you rate the sudden Pendulum feel that appears late in the album during "Paralyser"?

Bands like koRn and Killing Joke come into mind consistently while listening to "All Blood Is Red", which is all the more strange considering how little Tribazik has in common with either one of those bands. Calling these guys nu-metal or industrial is definitely wrong, even if they share some elements in both genres, but that's what I'm going to go for because there's just no way I'm able to describe these guys any further. Click on the Myspace player below and tell me how they sound like in the comments. Good stuff, nonetheless.


Download: Small Are We, Warning Has Broken
For the fans of: koRn, Marilyn Manson, Killing Joke, Pendulum
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Release date 02.03.2009
Eastworld Recordings

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