Two Tongues

Two Tongues

Written by: TL on 23/02/2009 12:19:36

When Max Bemis (of Say Anything) and Chris Conley (Saves The Day) met for a collaboration on a cover of Bob Dylan's "The Man In Me" for a recent compilation of Dylan covers, they discovered that they were both fans of each other's bands as it seemed to be a match made in heaven between arguably some of the biggest names in alternative rock of then and now. Having time off between their main bands, the boys pulled Dave Soloway (guitar, Saves The Day) and Coby Linder (drums, Say Anything) into a 'supergroup' side-project they dubbed Two Tongues and put a self titled album together.. Which is what you're currently reading a review of.

Guessing that the band would sound like a merger of Saves The Day and Say Anything is a no-brainer, and in fact there's next to nothing on "Two Tongues" to suggest that it's anything else than music coming from exactly halfway between the sounds of the two bands. Max and Chris share vocal duties almost evenly, and it takes a short while to get used to that, because it's hard to imagine two tongues more unsimilar than Max's rowdy voice and Chris's silky croon. Once you get around it though, this is pretty enjoyable in a 'feels like Say Anything-light' kind of way though, because even though the lyrics are devoid of Max's usual bittersweet narcisism, the songs still sound like Say Anything songs despite both guitars being handled by the Saves The Day guys. Then again, Saves The Day have changed so much from album to album so I guess it wouldn't betray their identity at all to suddenly sound like Say Anything for a short while.

Anyway, I realize I could describe some tracks in detail for you, but really it seems pointless when all you need to know is that if you appreciate either of the two other bands these guys are involved with, you'll almost definitely like this too, and otherwise you should really be checking those out first considering how good albums they both have. If this all sounds new to you, this can be describes as quality, straight-forward, light-weight, playful indie/pop-rock. It's 13 songs you can easily tell have been composed for nothing else than the love of songwriting, and that alone makes them more interesting than a lot of stuff out there. Two Tongues aren't out to prove anything, and given the success-rate of what their members usually come up with, they don't have to. They won't flip your world over, but they'll occupy your playlist for a good while, keeping you out of trouble with less consistent records - Which is good enough for me to grant them an;


Download: Dead Lizard, If I Could Make You Do Things, Alice
For The Fans Of: Say Anything, Saves The Day, Weezer

Release Date: 03.02.2009

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