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Written by: PP on 22/02/2009 00:03:45

The problem with metalcore bands that rely on exceptionally good instrumental prowess is that they are usually unable to convey any sort of feeling with their songs. There are some exceptions (Darkest Hour hands up!), but way too many bands sound like they're merely just showing off their ridiculous shredding skills and solo abilities while forgetting all about conventional songwriting and the rest of the elements in the music. This is also the case with Within The Ruins' "Creature" - it has parts that have All Shall Perish pale in comparison when it comes to technical axework, but there really isn't much else to the album than that. Like a Sputnikmusic review summarized it, "Creature" is all about guitars, nothing more, nothing less.

To dig in a bit deeper under the surface, consider the following: for the entirety of the 38 minutes that "Creature" lasts, you as the listener hardly notice any use of bass or drums simply because they are drowned out by the lead riffs that almost always rely on polyrhythmic execution and stupendous complexity. When the drums are placed in contrast, they sound boring, generic and uncreative, contributing to the lack of feeling that "Creature" is missing together with the vocals, which win the prom queen nomination for being even more forgettable than the non-guitar instruments. Seriously, this guy only has two tones: a monotonous low-tuned combination of growl and yell, and a somewhat higher pitched shriek that reminds you of vocalists like Phil LaBonte of All That Remains (who is infinitely better in any case).

While you may be standing in awe over the skill of Within The Ruins' guitarists during the first two listens of the album, the novelty wears off pretty quickly and all you're left with is two guys showing off how amazing they are with guitar while forgetting everything about how to write a song that'll stick to your mind more than two seconds after you finish listening to it. Like I said earlier in the review, there's a distinct lack of feeling and atmosphere on the album; it's one of those records where the 'generic metalcore' tag suits the most, while also being one of the records that contributes to the slow and painful demise of the genre. The guitars might be great, but "Creature" overall is a rather boring affair.


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Release date 17.02.2009
Victory Records

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