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Thrash metal scene is getting a great kick start for 2006 with Demiricious' highly anticipated debut album "One", and it doesn't fail to live up to the expectations. The band describes themselves as 'No fuckin hair dos, ex-girlfriends, or lame shit? just good fuckin times and raging metal.', but if you were to be more specific they would fall directly under the American variation of thrash metal. Their take on thrash metal is straight forward; riffs are so fast that they'd make even the mighty Slayer shit their pants, the solos are technical, blazing and swift enough to make you wonder what the license plate of the car who drove over you was, and the drumming on the album belongs to the absolute elite of the genre. Blast beats aren't dominating the sound like in extreme metal, and they are used sparingly. Instead, the drummer takes advantage of speed and colossal pounding to give the blistering sound needed to follow the already fast guitars and semi-screamed semi-growled vocals. Just by reading the description most people would be screaming "GOTHENBURG" right now, but Demiricious isn't melodic enough to bear accusations of borrowing from the once so glorified Swedish melodic death/thrash scene. The band is much closer to the american nu-thrashers Mastodon than At The Gates, as a couple of listens will reveal to the listener.

Already when the opening song "Repentagram" blasts through your earphones you know that Demiricious are aiming for the big leagues. Any fans of Slayer and The Haunted will find themselves more than at home with the ultra thrashy "One", and it is highly likely we'll be hearing lots of this band in 2006 in the underground metal media.


Download: Repentagram, Vagrant Idol
For the fans of: Slayer, The Haunted, Mastodon

Release date 30.01.2006
Metal Blade Records
Provided by Target ApS

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