The Fray

The Fray

Written by: PP on 13/02/2009 12:49:32

The Fray are another band who makes their living by copying the vocal-dominated soundscapes of Coldplay and the piano-rock of Keane. Granted, I've heard some good things about their debut album from four years ago, but I've never heard a single song from it (at least to my knowledge), so I can't comment on it without sounding pretentious. But what I can comment on, however, is the band's sophomore album "The Fray", which fills every possible meaning of the word pretentious and then some. Here's why.

Well, first off, songs like "Absolute" are not just stupendously safe bets at hours upon hours of airplay, they are complete rip offs from the success of much better bands (Coldplay) and of equally bad bands (Keane). These type of songs are formulaic mainstream pop rock aimed at the radios containing no artistic value whatsoever, they are simply filler tracks that the Danish radio can throw in between the other equally shitty stuff they usually play. P3 I'm looking at you. "You Found Me" has a slight Goo Goo Dolls vibe to it, but then again, that band too was infinitely more awesome than The Fray is. Okay, that's a bit biased and not very informative, so here's a bit more detailed argument: Goo Goo Dolls were infinitely more believable than The Fray are. I mean even if pop rock with classical piano is your favorite genre of them all, you'll only find a couple of songs here that last beyond three listens, "Say When" being one of them.

Honestly, if the world wanted another Keane/Coldplay hybrid who can't play their style convincingly, it would've requested one. Unfortunately, that won't change the fact that the mainstream radio stations will succumb to the pressure and overplay these guys, just like they do with all bands of this type and thus give an unnecessary lifeline to music that wouldn't otherwise ever survive if the free market theory was properly applied in the music industry. Instead of these guys, give your support to someone who deserves it, such as these guys.


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For the fans of: Keane, Coldplay, Shirock
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Release date 03.02.2009
Epic Records

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