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Written by: PP on 13/02/2009 12:26:40

"Japan's NOFX". That's the marketing slogan for Nicotine, and for once, it hits the band's sound spot on, because their new album "In Punk We Trust" sounds almost identical to "White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean", "Punk In Drublic" and "So Long & Thanks For All The Fish"-era NOFX. They even go as far as having a song called "Drunk In Public" on their Myspace page! This of course includes a great 'who cares' punk rock attitude and a huge dose of humour to spice up the fantastic melodies these guys fire up song after song. But before I go on, extreme bias warning: NOFX is my favorite band of all time and since these guys sound just like they do, well, I'm sold from the first note. Then again, so should you be.

Just in case you've been living under the metaphorical rock for the past two decades, NOFX is a band who plays a combination of melodic punk rock and skate punk, occasionally also treading into the ska-punk territory in songs. They're know for their quirky, original guitar melodies that stand out immediately, and for their derogatory humour about everything that can possibly be ridiculed. While Nicotine don't go as far in humour or don't ever wander into ska-punk territory throughout the 19-track record, everything else NOFX is in check here. There are moments like "C'est La Vie" where the band's guitar sound is so identical to classic NOFX that I had to go back and check a couple of album's worth from those guys just to make sure Nicotine didn't outright steal the lead riff to the song. Same goes for "Where Is My Shoes", but here even the lyrics are quintessential NOFX humour.

So lets see how many times I managed to name NOFX in the review including this sentence? Eight times. So guess how much these guys sound like their obvious influence, inspiration, idols, and role models? I don't think I need to go any further. If you're a fan of NOFX, there's no way you won't like these guys, especially because they mainly focus their sound on said band's much loved mid-90s material, from which they've deviated away in the last decade or so. Even if you're not a fan, Nicotine's "In Punk We Trust" is still a great dose of punk rock that distinguishes itself from the rest.


Download: C'Est La Vie, Where Is My Shoes, L.A, Punk Rock Johnny
For the fans of: NOFX, NOFX and NOFX
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Release date 03.02.2009
Asian Man Records

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