From The Shores

Until My Last Breath EP

Written by: TL on 09/02/2009 23:11:35

Hailing from Venice, Italy, one of the latest bands to send us a self-released record for review, are the metallers of From The Shores, who put out their debut "Until My Last Breath EP" near the very end of the last year. FTS play metal of a mostly uncompromising sort, and they have a fine sense of varying their sound with riffs that change from razor sharp to heavy as hammers, and harsh vocal work that relies on deep growls and high shrieks, taking turns at spitting the lyrics at you. This diversity between deep/heavy and high/sharp is one that works well for the band, and it is this micro-dynamic that also serves as the living breath of this batch of what I won't hesitate to call deathcore, seeing that it is otherwise pretty standard fare.

Of the four tracks on offer here (excluding the piano driven intro), it first appears as if one is almost indiscernable from another, what with the obligatory blasting and the meanie breakdowns showing up as always, however, giving some closer listens to especially the two last tracks will reveal that FTS are in fact capable of writing some semi-awesome riffage. With this serving as a catalyst for your interest, you may also begin to notice the rare and unfortunately all too subtle moments in which the band let small bits of blackened influence shine through the chuggery, either by means of some atmospheric keyboards or a small section that is otherwise reminiscent of black metal. To hear this in the mix adds a whole other dimension of hope to ones reaction to these Italians, whose countrymen rarely get very positive remarks from this site. In any event, FTS surely bests most of them when it comes to production and style, as they sound very much on the level with bigger names that currently rampage this genre of music, and while this early EP is a bit too monotonous to reap some real praise, the next one has every opportunity for doing so, provided that my advice is heeded, and the BM inspiration is given more room and influence. Failing to do that, FTS will remain what they are here though, that is deathcore only slightly above the average.


Download: I Have Never Been Hurt By Luxury, As The Firmament Ratifies The End
For The Fans Of: The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish

Release Date: 04.12.2008

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