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Written by: MR on 06/02/2009 13:39:54

Josh Homme is one of the coolest guys in rock right now. No doubt about it, and the man seems to get away with anything these days. Eagles Of Death Metal's (what a freakin' cool name) 3rd release "Hand On" is a party album that should be a household thing in every party with people who have a little ironic and unconventional view to life. I wonder if Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes went in the studio, put a recorder on play and just played some songs. Judged by the production that's exactly how it sounds. It's filthy and unorganized and I for one am not a big fan of that. On this record though it works pretty good.

The scala singing of 'Wannabe In L.A' is a singalong partystarter and a track to remember for many years. Also I am freakin' curious to know what the guys did with their guitar sound on "I'm your Torpedo" cause it just sounds like nothing else I've heard before. One must give it up for these guys for really broadening the opportunity of the guitar sound. On the mellow side their 70s inspired "How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone" is a very interesting track that keeps you sharpening your ears through the whole song. This album is not thought through and if you expect the famous red thread you might as well give it a rest. For some this might be a problem and some might just find it funny and interesting. But for one it is refreshing. I praise their approach to making and evolving music. As many of you readers know Josh Homme is the lead singer of Queens Of The Stone Age. Probably securing him financially for the rest of his life. So now it seems he is taking on these uncompromising projects that in many ways open up for new and unconventional ways of creating music. Music is art first and foremost, and some bands out there forget that. This is not a masterpiece but this is a really good album.

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Release date 10.11.2008
Bonnier Amigo/Coop

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