Snow Patrol

A Hundred Million Suns

Written by: MR on 06/02/2009 13:02:00

The Northern Irish mellow rockers 5th release "A Hundred Million Suns" is out and obviously these guys do what they do best – again, and again, and again, until you find your self snoring. The production is somewhat uninspirational and every song on this album is made specifically for American airplay. The Single "Take Back The City" is a decent song with a pretty catchy chorus. But the climax of the album is definitely the songs after their 1st single "Lifeboats" and "The Golden Floor". The dusty and groovy mood catches my attention almost immediately.

All in all Gary Lightbody accomplishes in glimpses to show his talent of construction of good pop songs but otherwise it is a bland experience listening to "A Hundred Million Suns". An album that very fast will be forgotten. Actually I do not have many kind words for this band. I acknowledge Snow Patrol for being a band who have made a big living with limited talent. Kinda like a mediocre soccer player in football clubs who earn a massive load of cash. These guys have got to bore themselves in their rehearsals. It's predictable, uninspirational and some of the songs choruses are so identical ("Disaster Button" and "Take Back The City") it all seems set on repeat. As a listener you might feel like you're going in circles. One might ask if it wasn't about time for the band to focus more on side projects or maybe simply do something else? Snow Patrol is not a band that has anything to offer to the listener anno 2009. Bands like The Script and OneRepublic have already taken the spot of being these annoying bands that make predictable but catchy songs for the massive mainstream. After listening to this album I was left with a feeling of this being their last album. Or at least I hope so.


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Release date 27.10.2008

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