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Everything about Benedictum's debut album "Uncreation" screams out HEAVY FUCKING METAL, a phrase often used by oldschool metalheads commemorating the legendary Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and others. Benedictum's riffs are grand, majestic, colossal, (insert a superlative here), and they make you feel like you're in a massive fantasy land, standing on top of a tall mountain with a perfect view down to the beautiful valley, which has a small river running through it. Add some of the most incredible vocals I've heard in a while; the dynamic, superior, overpowered vocals of a vocalist who you would never believe to be an astonishingly beautiful female, and you have Benedictum all summed up for you.

However, this isn't where it stops. The album borrows elements from power metal, a genre considerably different from heavy metal itself, and blends the two together to "UNCREATE" (pun intended) a sound the band can feel proud and comfortable over. The guitars paint textures into your mind riff after riff, resulting in a soundscape to which you can completely surrender yourself, and fall into deep thoughts as assisted by the greatness of songs like the title track or "Valkyrie Rising". The blazing solos are present in all tracks providing both technicality and grandeur to the already majestic leads supported by the pounding drums, though blast beats are avoided, leaving the drum sound in the shadow of the guitars and the voice of Veronica.

The band also pays it's respect to the ones who started it all, with a Benedictum version of "Heaven And Hell", a classic Black Sabbath track barely recognizable from the original version.

"Uncreation" is exactly what heavy metal is supposed to be like. The sound is overwhelmingly mighty, the lyrics relate to fantasy but can also be used as a reflection on issues of the real world, and the production is, simply put, incredible. One of the most important heavy metal releases of 2006.


Download: Uncreation, Valkyrie Rising
For the fans of: Warrior, Iron Maiden, Dio

Release date 27.01.2006
Locomotive Records
Provided by Target ApS

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