Some Girls

Heaven´s Pregnant Teens

Written by: PP on 06/01/2006 10:08:56

Some Girls is Epitaph's latest hardcore signing in the vein of Converge, and "Heaven's Pregnant Teens" is the bands much anticipated debut full length. The album contains 13 songs in just 24 minutes, where the finishing track lasts over nine minutes, resulting in the average length of each song being just one minute or less. However, the amount of speed, breakdowns and aggression the band can add into such small space is astounding. Stupendously big breakdowns are followed by the manic vocal work of Wes Eisold constitute the general formula for the record, which won't leave a single hardcore fan cold.

It's difficult to distinguish one song from another as they seem to start and finish in the most unexpected times, and given the length of each track, you'll be on track five thinking 'What happened to the other three tracks in between?'. The few 'long' songs the record has, such as "Ex Nuns / Dead Dogs", seem to be long only due to the strange intros; in the prior example the first 50 seconds of the song is a constant harrasment of a single down tuned and discordant note.

"Heaven's Pregnant Teens" is a great record for those times when you just need 20 minutes to fuel your anger in a situation where the only other plausible alternative would be to tear down the walls of your room. It's like a shorter, much less complex version of Converge's "Petitioning The Empty Skies" and doesn't require much attention from the listener.


Download: Bone Metal, Beautiful Rune
For the fans of: Converge

Release Date 24.01.2006

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