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Under the alias of Dimitry hides an Italian musician carrying the name of Demetrio Scopelliti, who is more known (or unknown? you decide) from his main project Arcadia. His credentials are rather impressive, with a degree in music from CPM Music Instutute in Milan, so why not start a solo career? "Evolution" is Dimitry's debut EP, and it should appeal to fans of post-rock and instrumental rock.

The EP begins with "Nemesis", where a brooding bass guitar line repeats itself as an introduction before it progresses into an awesome melodic main riff. Fans of Pelican should immediately notice parallels to the band's gentler material on "City Of Echoes", as the soundscape is rich in texture and interesting enough to last a whole bunch of repeat listens through without boring the living shit out of you, which is often the case with all-instrumental songs. "Aboducted Dimension" has a bouncy bass-line giving the song a cool rhythm, which is later complemented by a great circular guitar riff that shouldn't leave anyone cold. The bass playing in the song remains aggressive throughout (think RATM style here) and is among the high points of the entire EP. It's songs like these two that make Dimitry worth listening to.

But then we have the other tracks, like "Grey" and "Big Hi Tech I", which are all too anonymous in their nature. There aren't enough memorable melodies or passages to keep the listener coming back to them, they simply pale in comparison to the great chord progressions of the two aforementioned songs.

That's one of the problem's on the EP, but it isn't nearly as serious as the biggest reason why Dimitry will remain in obscurity for the foreseeable future: the songs take way too long to open up. I think I was on my seventh listen before I finally started appreciating the two highlight tracks, and that's a far too difficult test for the casual music listener. In today's one click-next band music phenomena, there won't be enough people with the patience of allowing the record grow if it doesn't grab your attention on the first two or three listens. That's a shame, because "Nemesis" and "Abducted Dimension" can easily compete with Pelican's best material.

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Release date 15.09.2008
Valery Records

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