Death Consecrates With Blood

Written by: PP on 29/01/2009 16:26:37

Having toured with bands like Dark Funeral, Dew Scented, Belphegor, Ancient and many others, Unlight have been making a name in both the German and international black metal scenes in recent years. They are now on their third album "Death Consecrates With Blood", where the band finally begins sounding like a candidate to be taken seriously in the black metal world.

The basic ingredients of Unlight's sound are typical to black metal: an omnipresent vibe of pure evil, a maniacally shrieking vocalist, and elements borrowed from death and thrash metal to make things interesting. Off the top of my head, these guys remind me of Misery and their EP "A State Of Suffering", but Last.FM similar artists shoves band names like Membaris, Trinomium, Atritas and a bunch of other completely obscure and unknown names at you. Take your pick which one is more accurate in your opinion. If all of that makes you feel like a blank sheet of paper still, then consider this: plenty of blast-beats, impressive, technical, and ear-piercing shredding, and occasional death metal serpentine riffs thrown in for good measure. Sounds like pretty generic black/death metal, I know, but with songs like "The Passing Of Black Storms" and the title track, these guys have really nailed down writing songs that are as memorable as they are enjoyable. The bouncy melodic guitars are awesome here. If nothing else, you'll be frantically banging your head to the crazy speed of the murderous guitar sounds. Basically the kind of stuff that you feel sort of wary of mentioning what you're currently listening to your non-metal female friends on MSN.

Now if you're at all into black metal or even the death metallish delivery but with much more decipherable vocals instead of the nonsensical growls, then Unlight is definitely a band you should check out. But prepare yourself for a thoroughly evil, blackened sound... which you should've already guessed from the album title "Death Consecrates With Blood".

Download: The Passing Of Black Storms, Death Consecrates With Blood
For the fans of: Misery, Dark Funeral, Membaris
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Release date 30.01.2009
Massacre Records

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