Attack! Attack!

Attack! Attack!

Written by: PP on 28/01/2009 16:56:37

Lets just start off by distinguishing the awesome electro-screamo outfit Attack Attack! from these guys, Attack! Attack! (with two exclamation marks), who are a decent pop punk act from Wales currently gathering hype by the British press. Two good bands insisting on having an identical name is pretty stupid, but I guess once you've established a fan base, it begins to be difficult to change the name all of a sudden, if not outright counterproductive. Anyway, this review is about the pop punk band and their self-titled album that came out in the fall last year.

So who do these guys sound like? The first impression screams out Cartel's debut album with a pinch of overproduction from All Time Low's arsenal. Their vocalist sounds like Patrick Stump on "Take This To Your Grave" just without the highest notes. Instrumentally, these guys bring nothing new to the pop punk mix at all, it's the same light hooks and melodic lines from song to song. Don't blame yourself if that sounds generic to you, but fortunately Attack Attack are decent at writing catchy choruses so they do rise slightly above most of their peers. They've certainly taken their strengths with them from Dopamine and Adequate Seven, entirely awesome British pop punk bands that never got as much attention as they would've deserved.

There are enough melodic hooks and vocal lines to feed an army on the record, but yet it all sounds somewhat soulless, enough so to put me off from the album in favour of the Cartel debut album or even the latest Hit The Lights record. Sure these guys know how to write a sticky chorus, but that's also all there is to the whole record, and that's not enough to impress me.


Download: Honesty, This Is A Test
For the fans of: Cartel, early Fall Out Boy, All Time Low
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Release date 06.10.2008
Rock Ridge Records

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