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Since we're talking about bands that have sold out massively, I might as well review Lordi's 2008 album "Deadache" in the process. Everyone of course remembers Finnish monster rockers Lordi for being the first ever rock act to win, let alone be nominated for the Eurovision Song Contest. Now if that isn't selling out then I don't know what is. On top of that they've got their own cola drink (Lordi cola), their own credit card, and their own restaurant, so you can say that the record label is milking their unprecedented popularity as much as possible for the time being. Just the participation in Eurovision would've been enough to push all the rockers off from these guys, but they had to win it and consequently do all the aforementioned stuff, causing them to be the #1 hate-object of metalheads these days.

But if you can get over their obvious sell-out status, there's some retardedly catchy songs to be found on "Deadache"; Mr. Lordi's raspy vocals fused with the ballsy hard rock riffs and Europop synth are really a working combination. "Monsters Keep Me Company" and "Raise Hell In Heaven" are both able to evenly battle over the catchiest song of 2008 title with the finest of pop punk. These two are the most obvious candidates for singles, but even songs like the somewhat darker "Dr. Sin Is In" or the melancholic woo-hoo song "The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile" are definite party starters in a mainstream crowd at least.

That being said, the artistic value of "Deadache" is close to zero due to the overwhelming vibe of commercialism present throughout the album. It's the constant bombarbment of the Europop synths that makes the listener think of nothing else than the failed songs known as Eurovision Song Contest nominations, and that's never a good thing. So this is a two sided affair, either you hate "Deadache" for exploiting every single trick up the record industry's sleeve obviously, or you can push all your prejudices aside and sing: "My monsters keep me companyyyyy". Me? I'm balancing between the two.


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Release date 27.10.2008
Sony BMG

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