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Written by: TL on 24/01/2009 12:14:00

When MTVU held their annual award show last year, pop punks like All Time Low and We The Kings were all set to compete for the "Breakout Artist Of The Year Award". However, they were forced to see themselves beaten to the punch by Florida-based There For Tomorrow, who ended up snacking up the award right ahead of them and who have since been using the exposure that came with it to garner a rising star reputation while promoting their self titled sophomore EP - An EP which we of course got our hands on and which I will now attempt to review for you.

While I'm sure the majority of the media is stepping on itself , trying to stamp TFT with the 'pop punk' label too, the truth of the matter is that they belong more rightly under an emo rock umbrella-term, as they are pretty well aligned with bands like Anberlin and A Thorn For Every Heart soundwise. Granted, here and there their guitar work has Saosin written all over it, but then that seems to go for every other emo band these days as well, and at least TFT can be distinguished by their somewhat more obvious songstructures and their straight on approach.

Now when it comes to bands that sound like Anberlin, I'm always pretty much prone to expect that like that band, similar ones will be prone to suffer from the same "missing that final something" syndrome that has always prevented Anberlin from really setting up any dominance in my ears. The first track on this EP called "Deadlines" does its best to blow that assumption out of the sky though, boasting the kind of verse that makes you feel short of breath and a chorus that reaches out for the skies. I wonder if these youngsters can perform a song like this with the proper intensity live, because if that's the case, then we have a winner and I'll give them my stamp of approval. "Pages" is probably the most notable reason for me to even mention Saosin in this review, while "Waiting" is a typical single with a stupendously catchy chorus. "Remember When (Used To Be Used To It)" makes for the obligatory anthemic song, and it's a good one at that, reminding me of what Sound The Alarm sounded like on their first EP, before they sold out massively and started sucking (Which I obviously still haven't quite gotten over). "No More Room To Breathe" explodes with super riffage and follows the style of "Deadlines" otherwise, "Addiction And Her Name" is the only song I can't really find anything interesting about and thus it becomes nominated as "Most Likely To Be Skipped", and in the end "Taking Chances" recycles the style of "Waiting" to present yet another singalongable chorus.

Overall, this is pretty good, considering how similar soft and simple emo/pop punk bands usually tend to be really fuckin' boring except for the odd single here and there. It's an EP with which TFT state "We know what the fuck we're doing" in capital letters, as they seem to have read the book on writing catchy rock songs from cover to cover. I think there's still a liiiiittle tiny bit missing before both the band and their songs really get around to feeling like something you know and appreciate for its own sake, rather than for it being part of "that group of bands that sound alike". If that doesn't bother you though, there's nothing to say you shouldn't like this.


Download: Deadlines, Remember When (Used To Be Used To It)
For The Fans Of: Anberlin, Amber Pacific, A Thorn For Every Heart, early Sound The Alarm

Release Date 15.09.2008

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