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Through The Eyes Of Ahab

Written by: PP on 22/01/2009 15:42:59

Like TL and others on the site, I too have a couple of releases left from 2008 I'd like to cover either because I thought they were cool or because they're big enough names for you to have a reason to shun us for not covering. A Girl A Ghost A Gun and their debut album "Through The Eyes Of Ahab" belongs to the latter category even though the record isn't as good as I would've hoped considering their label collaboration with Ferret Records.

If it wasn't for the small southern hardcore influence in the vein of Every Time I Die, it'd be difficult to distinguish these guys and This Is Hell's latest record "Misfortunes" apart. This is mainly because vocalist Danny Worsley's coarse scream sounds almost identical to the This Is Hell frontman, and because both bands play a particularly intense form of metalcore-influenced hardcore punk. Granted, A Girl A Ghost A Gun has somewhat more melody than This Is Hell, and there's the odd atmospheric post-hardcore piece here and there (see "The Ivory Tusk..." for an example), but the casual listener probably couldn't tell these bands apart. There's also a distinct similarity to the excellent, though now-defunct Since By Man, although they were far better than these guys are.

But just like with This Is Hell, my main grudge with A Girl A Ghost A Gun lies in similar territory: lack of melodic bits and choruses that would lift the record from easily forgettable to memorable. I've never been a huge fan of the southern groove because of the dirty, savage feel it gives to the music in the first place, and when it's mixed with a particularly harsh vocal style as Worsley's, it's just not working for me. Of course, on a few songs like "A Lion In Your Lap, A Lover In Your Arms" and "Beware The Tales Of Scorpions" (what's with the animal references?), the band does indeed bring forth enough melody to make you raise your eyebrows at the very least, but even in these cases, don't count on remembering the songs even just a few minutes after you're done listening. On the other end of the spectrum we have the crush everything-scream from the top of your lungs songs like "Lizard In The Lights", but they aren't worth anything when compared to the more melodic songs.

In the end, A Girl A Ghost A Gun might just not be my cup of tea. This Is Hell are huge and so are Every Time I Die, so maybe it's just me who's not 'getting it', and therefore you should read this review with a grain of salt. Fans of both bands should definitely check this out though, as should those into the southern metalcore type of thing.


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Release date 18.03.2008
Siege Of Amida Records

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