Ephel Duath

Through My Dog's Eyes

Written by: PP on 17/01/2009 12:27:52

Based on a quick listen Ephel Duath's newest opus "Through My Dog's Eyes" sounds like it could be pretty cool with the significant jazz-element integrated into their brand of progressive metal. However, there's no way I can judge and review a record when just about every thirty seconds the music fades out completely and is replaced by an incredibly frustrating and annoying *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* lasting for a a couple of seconds. This is the most annoying copy protection / anti-piracy measure I've ever come across and I desist it so much that I refuse to review a record that contains it.

The other alternative would be to download the record from an illegal source (nice anti-piracy, eh?) where it's found in an original version, but really, when I receive a promo for review, I shouldn't have to do that. Basically: fuck you Earache, this is so stupid it's beyond words, I refuse to listen or review any record with a BEEP ruining the music - if you want a real review, send me a real album in return.


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Release date 09.01.2009
Earache Records

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