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Written by: PP on 16/01/2009 14:20:50

Aside from the somewhat unusual band name and retarded album title, you should have every reason thinkable to be interested in one of the first new releases this year, namely that of Destroy Destroy Destroy's sophomore album "Battle Sluts". Now, should you have read some other reviews of this release elsewhere on the internet, you might be put off by the 'power metal' label that constantly pops up in the reviews. However, there is NOTHING power metal about this release, folks, this is pure Children Of Bodom-inspired melodeath of the best kind; killer riffs and catchy choruses without having to resort to clean vocals at all. Children of Bodom's last few records have contained awesome melodeath full of soloing, killer leads and screaming-only vocals, so it's only about time we have a band referencing just about every aspect of the classic Bodom sound, starting from the characteristic keyboard symphonies to the ridiculous technical prowess and superb songwriting. Destroy Destroy Destroy is that band, and despite being almost identical to Children Of Bodom's "Hate Crew Deathroll" and "Blooddrunk", "Battle Sluts" triumphs because every song on the record is bloody awesome.

So in case I didn't make it clear yet, Destroy Destroy Destroy play thrashy melodeath with keyboards that sound like a symphonic orchestra in places. Their distinguishing point comes in the form of the viking themed melodies that sometimes overwhelm the songs, such as on "Battle Upon The Arctic Plains", where the raspy vocals are backed by a keyboard atmosphere that's almost straight from a massive battle scene on any fantasy-themed movie these days - you know the point when the camera goes into overview and you just see armies upon armies upon armies just running with their swords and shields towards each other letting out a huge battle cry. Think Turisas' "Battle Metal" here, though without the folk influence. The fantasy stuff is only present on a few tracks though, including "Interlude", which has a LOTR battle scene type feel to it.

Otherwise, the record relies on Gothenburg styled melodeath from start to finish, but unlike so many metalcore bands, these guys do it really well. The entire album is screaming from start to finish, aside from "The Winged Panther", where female vocals appear during an epic moment before it's time to go back to the Laiho-shriek again - I cannot stress it enough, the vocals are some of the best I've heard in melodeath other than Children of Bodom. What a great start to 2009.


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Release date 06.01.2009
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