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Our Day Has Come EP

Written by: PP on 15/01/2009 22:36:35

The Chicago music scene has brought us many awesome bands over the years (Rise Against anyone?) so it's only natural we're keeping a close eye on the new talent rising from the scene. Dorian's Decay are a post-hardcore / metalcore hybrid in the vein of Norma Jean and 36 Crazyfists, and they have only recently released their debut EP "Our Day Has Come", which I determined to be good enough to share with the wider world as well.

Basically, Dorian's Decay sound more or less like an amateurish version of Drop Dead, Gorgeous. When I say amateurish, I mean the home made production and the mandatory clean backing vocals that really need to be much more confident to be effective here. Here the clean vox sound sort of like Knife Of Liberty on their early recordings, meaning that although the melody is pretty catchy and all, it's lacking power and urgency rather clearly. Luckily then the screaming gets top class marks from me, as their lead vocalist is both brutal and enjoyable at the same time; his voice rips, pierces and all that stuff fittingly above the complex post-hardcore influenced leads. There are moments where the guitars oscillate just like on "Redeemer" era Norma Jean or on The Chariot's "Fiancee", and it is during these moments when Dorian's Decay are at their most enjoyable. Sure, a track like "Brass Knuckle Buckle" features an almost direct rip-off from the latest 36 Crazyfists album in terms of the main riff, but it has kick ass energy, and really, there aren't really any other songs where the band references the aforementioned screamers.

My personal favorite on the EP has to be "The Tiger Shark Vs The Mako Shark" which combines UnderOATH style clean melody and crushing breakdowns together seamlessly. It's especially here that their vocalist really showcases the extent in which he destroys his vocal chords with guttural screaming, and consequently, it's also here the band is at their best. I've heard they're writing new material for the time being, so should the band read this at some point, I'd tell them to really work on the clean vocals, because once those have been radically improved, there's no reason why these guys can't fight in the big leagues when it comes to metalcore/post-hardcore.

Download: The Tiger Shark Vs The Mako Shark
For the fans of: Norma Jean, The Chariot, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Penknifelovelife
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Release date 25.05.2008

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