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Written by: TL on 15/01/2009 01:23:35

It's getting late, and for your bedtime story, I'm flipping to page two in my series of reviews of pop punk stragglers from last year - A page that's dedicated to The Summer Set and their 2nd EP "In Colour".

Last night I brought you news of Asteria, who had unfortunately fallen into the most obvious pitfall that bands who sound like Hit The Lights tend to, namely going a bit more pop than punk and not putting up the songs to show for it, and by a direct comparison, The Summer Set are somewhat better off. Sure they might overload predictably enough on the auto-tune on a track or two, and I have yet to notice them deviating from the pop punk stereotype at all, but still, it doesn't take more than one or two listens to notice that "In Colour" just works better and makes an instantly stronger impression. The songs might still not be the stuff long lasting memories are made of, but they're certainly well-written enough to have your feet tapping while you hum along by the time you get to the first chorus.

Again, I'm finding it slightly hard to find too much to say in this review, just as I find it slightly hard to fathom how infinitely many bands are in existence, that sound like carbon-copies of Hit The Lights. This is another one that will probably scare most fans of 'serious and mature' music away simply by the sound of its overly sugar-coated vocalwork (think latest Kid Down here), while going down a treat with all who carry some 'popcore dork'-traits, be it on the inside or the outside. In any case, you'll know for yourself if this kind of stuff is your cup of tea or not, but at least rest assured that it's got slightly more personality and quality than yesterday's equivalent.

Download: Seasons, She's Got The Rhythm
For The Fans Of: Houston Calls, Hit The Lights, Kid Down

Release Date 30.09.2008
The Militia Group

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