See You On The Other Side

Written by: PP on 13/12/2005 04:15:47

Not so long ago koRn's guitarist Brian "Head" Welch shocked the entire community by announcing his departure from the pioneering band in the genre of nu-metal, in order to focus on God and religion. As the title suggests, "See You On The Other Side" is Jonathan & co's response to Head's God statements; they separate themselves entirely from everything Head has had to say about religion and God.

That being said, the fans were expecting the new koRn album with anxious feelings. What would this mean to koRn's sound? Well, now we have a concrete answer after their seventh studio album has been out on the streets for approximately one week. Stylistically, it is still easy to hear it's koRn behind the down tuned, distorted guitars and that it's still Jonathan Davis delivering his unique vocal style on top of the instruments. But the band has departed from their older, darker, more nu-metal oriented sound to climb towards a slightly more industrial one - a more melodious, brighter and poppy one, might I add - most likely due to the extra freedom they received with one person less deciding over what they sould sound like. However, it still feels like the band is going towards the wrong direction as with the last two albums. "Issues" was the last release I truly enjoyed from koRn; its songs ("Somebody Someone", "Falling Away From Me" to name a few) were statements and they didn't lack power, attitude or aggression whilst at the same time they had that odd bit of catchiness omnipresent. The two successors "Untouchables" and "Take A Look In The Mirror" never reached up to the same level of originality and "koRn-ness", as if the band was running out of ideas or something. Both albums seemed like b-sides collections compared to the early material, and essentially, that is what "See You On The Other Side" sounds like as well. There are occasional highlights like "Hypocrites", a song the band debuted live months before the release, "Politics" and "10 Or A 2-Way" that make me melancholically reminisce of the glory days of nu-metal and koRn as the indisputed kings of it, but overall the album just doesn't catch on me. "Liar" and "Getting Off" are songs that should never have made it to a koRn album, as they make the band sound like they are trying to explore the style of hard rock bands like Godsmack for instance.

I'm slowly beginning to grasp something which I should've known already in 1996 - koRn will never make another album like their debut. Listening to the debut and "See You On The Other Side" in a row makes you wanna cry after the switch. Newer koRn fans will still like "See You On The Other Side" just as much as the two albums before this one, but I for one have given up on them after hearing it.


Download: Hypocrites, 10 Or A 2-Way
For the fans of: Slipknot, Disturbed

Release Date 06.12.2005
Virgin Records

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