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Written by: TL on 13/01/2009 20:51:10

I've been opening quite a few reviews lately, by speaking of how we had ourselves a nice little New Years deadline for promos and reviews to make things easier on ourself among our staff. While most of us had a fair shot at making it, and indeed managed to, this was never the case with PP, who had somehow found a way to bury himself in records that have been hailed as the next up and coming sensation in pop punk in various corners of the internet. Long story short, this is going to be one in a series of reviews where I try to ease his burden, and the band who's first in line is the States' own Asteria and their self titled EP of August last year.

In this case however, I have a hard time seeing what it is that's supposed to set Asteria apart from the massive wave of generic pop punk that has swept across America like a great and terrible plague of mediocrity, spearheaded by bands like Hit The Lights. This band simply crosses all the t's, dots all the i's and checks all boxes in order to be archived next to all their anonymous genre mates, and I'm finding it difficult to find that much more to say about them. There's nothing technically bad or especially stylistically insulting about their EP, there's just nothing special to listen for. Vocals, riffs and songwriting, everything is average at best and simplistic at worst, so in the end, I suppose your liking of this band will depend on whether you're a pop punk junkie or not. If you are, this is going to be mineral-water over your mill, but if you aren't, then your reactions may vary from "boooring" to "yuck yuck yuck, when is this shitty trend gonna end!?".

So anyway, rather than me sitting here repeating myself endlessly, go to Asteria's myspace and trust me when I say that what you see is exactly what you get, and then you can judge pretty accurately for the visual impression. As for me, I'm going to rate this as solidly average, and then add a ½ grade, just because of the inclusion of a lyric that at least sounds something like "and the pool is closing" (in "Hoods And Capers"). If any of you guys out there are as nerdy as me, then you may or may not find that funny.

Download: Reach Out And Speak Out, I'll Get You My Pretty, Hoods And Capers
For The Fans Of: Hit The Lights, Sound The Alarm

Release Date 19.08.2008

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