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Happy In Galoshes

Written by: PP on 12/01/2009 15:17:20

Scott Weiland is most widely known from his time with the legendary grunge rockers Stone Temple Pilots as well as the failed 'supergroup' Velvet Revolver. What most people don't know is that he also has a solo career, having released a debut album in 1998, and that the last year saw his sophomore album "Happy In Galoshes" come out as well. If you haven't heard it, consider yourself lucky, because it might just be the biggest insult to rock music to have been released in recent memory, and even a bigger insult to a band like Stone Temple Pilots.

Lets take a few examples on why the record is pure garbage. "Paralysis", for instance, has a chorus melody that seems to be aimed at nine year olds just being introduced to music through channels like MTV. "Missin' Cleveland" sounds so overly commercial and hit-writer composed that even Simple Plan would cry 'sell out' upon hearing the song. Even a song like "She Sold Her System" that references Weiland's grunge background through its mid 90s Oasis-type melody sounds fucking awful here. The worst offender of them all, however, is the David Bowie cover "Fame", a track that makes me want to fire a double-barrel shotgun into my own face from close distance straight after vomiting unstoppably for the entirety of the three and a half minutes that the song lasts. I'd like to meet the idiot of a greater rank than possible to imagine who thought it'd be great to take the Bowie song and transform it into a terrible RnB rendition. I don't know what's worse, the song or that Weiland has sunk this fucking low in his drug-infused loss of touch to reality. "Killing Me Sweetly" is an equally terrible 'ballad' that sees Weiland push his loved scratchy grunge voice into a territory normally reserved to those whose balls were cut off when they were younger.

Track after track, "Happy In Galoshes" comes across as an absolute joke, and what's worse is that Mr. Weiland clearly takes it dead seriously. But what he doesn't realize is that you'd have to be pushing pretty hard on Fred Durst for even him to sink this low, and considering the fact that Weiland is one of the most beloved grunge singers of all time, this makes a rock music fan feel like it is Mr. Weiland behind those machine guns at Normandy - this is hands down the worst album of recent memory.


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Release date 25.11.2008

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