Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004)

Written by: PP on 13/12/2005 01:51:33

This is by far one of the most grotesque, bold cash-in's I've ever experienced from a record label housing such a mediocre, mainstream band as Sevendust. Tvt knows this "Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004)" would not bring in big sales volumes at the Christmas Sales because very few people have it on their wishlist, so they schedule it to be released just on time for the returns and exchanges, when the parents who still don't understand that Smile Empty Soul and Puddle Of Mudd records lost their trendiness ages ago, will return to the stores to exchange these cds into something "trendier" from the same genre. And what's more trendy than a brand new album that has just hit the stores?

There's literally nothing positive I can say about this album. The band is one of the biggest grunge leechers with their simplified, radio friendly post-grunge sound not leaving a single note nor angry vocal statement ambigious. On top of that, the few decent songs Sevendust has made like "Live Again" are replaced by the poorly selected singles from their career, accompanied by a few 'unreleased' b-side tracks that any serious fans will have had downloaded for months if not years as a result of the popular phenomenon called internet. So the question is, is this album worth buying, if not for the 'greatest hits' but for the b-sides? The grade answers the question.


Download: Face To Face, Black
For the fans of: Seether, Smile Empty Soul

Release date 27.12.2005

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