Before Their Eyes

The Dawn Of My Death

Written by: TL on 08/01/2009 00:53:40

Upon finishing all my promos some time before New Year’s, I suddenly found myself with an unusual amount of spare listening time with which I had no idea what to do. After all, usually, my hand is always forced when picking playlists as a direct effect of this 'job', so it didn't take me long to head to to fill the silence, and upon logging in I was of course instantly greeted with a handful of suggestions for band's that'd fit my taste. Not surprisingly, what had dug up for me was pretty emo/scene/youknowwhatImean, but since that's something I tend to enjoy I hurried to check out this band Before Their Eyes and their self titled 07 debut.

And there I was, stricken by a record that, while slightly simple around the choruses, demonstrated perfectly how guitar riffs and compositions are to be done within this genre of music. So when I found that the band had an album out from 08 called "The Dawn Of My Death" you guys naturally became the target audience for an upcoming review of it.

What I find pretty quickly on this the band's sophomore, is that as soon as you get over the opener "Life Was All A Dream", which seems pretty much copy/pasted out of Blessthefall's playbook (in the good way), you're going to notice that where comparisons could be drawn towards Ice Nine Kills on the first album, here they fly faster to the new From First To Last album. As much as I like both bands, the decrease in emotive melody in favour of groovy attitude is never going to go down a treat with me, as it shouldn't with most emo-fans. Think about it, would you swap Ice Nine Kills for From First To Last? I think not.

As such, the songs fly by, rich on parts, nice riffs and texture, but never really giving you that final nudge that make them memorable. I've been listening for a while now, and it's still only "Life Was All A Dream" and "The Beast Within" that stick - Which is odd, considering that the band seem to have gotten technically better in all aspects, except for the songwriting where they seem to have gotten worse.

Overall, "The Dawn Of My Death" is an album that is harder, dirtier, more clever and more attitude-filled than its predecessor, however, it's lacking that one crucial ingredient, raw emotion, and as such I'm a bit disappointed with it. It's not that it's flat out bad, there are in fact a few good tracks on it and there's plenty of shifts between Cove Reber-ish melodies and mosh-friendly breakdowns (and even the odd He Is Legend-ish riff here and there), but anyway, if you'd really like to 'find' this band like I did, go for their debut instead.


Download: Life Was All A Dream, The Beast Within
For The Fans Of: From First To Last, Blessthefall, Saosin

Release Date 03.11.2008
Rise Records

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