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Written by: PP on 29/12/2008 19:06:32

What started off as a joke evolved into a full time band when See You Next Tuesday were signed by Ferret Records and released their excellent screamo / metalcore / deathcore / grindcore (etc etc) combo "Parasite" last year. For someone who doesn't usually enjoy the grindcore genre too much, the release was a breath of fresh air in a genre where, like AB has said in so many of his reviews, the point is to play as fast and as brutally as possible with horrible disregard to anything resembling a structure in the songs.

Unfortunately, on their second album "Intervals", SYNT regress to that very stereotype, dropping much of the deathcore/metalcore orientation that their debut album was full of in favour of an even more discordant and nonsensical sound this time around. What made "Parasite" good was the smooth flow of the album despite the breakneck speed, whereas here it sounds as if the band just throw all the song titles simultaneously in air and chose the song order based on that. "Alpha", for instance, is a four second long chaos that begins straight from the end of "Eternity?" and finishes to the beginning of "She Once Said I Was A Romantic" without any resemblance to a transition whatsoever. The only time the band gets it right is on "Daydreams" and "Nightmares" which follow each other in rapid succession with the latter building on the terrifying sound of the former nicely. Otherwise, words like "cohesive", "coherent", "thought-out" and the like are binned in favour of a "lets do as much noise as possible, play our instruments with close to zero regard to other instruments in the band, and have a screaming/growling vocalist senselessly destroy any technical passages we may have come up with in the process". What a disappointment from "Parasite".


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Release date 14.10.2008
Ferret Records

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