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Remember what alternative rock sounded like when it was still played in the dying light of the 90's? I'm not saying it sucks now, because that's far from the truth but.. Remember Third Eye Blind? If you do, if you miss them, and if you have been wishing for similar bands to come around up until the upcoming "Ursa Major"'s February 09 release was revealed, then this review might just reveal a slight ray of light for you, in form of Quietdrive's sophomore album "Deliverance".

Granted, the first two songs off this album might group them more with contemporary acts like The Audition, and what the band thought of when recording the very Cher sounding intro to the title track, I don't dare to guess, but fact is that from track 3, there's a whole lot of good stuff coming the listener's way. "Daddy's Little Girl" should go down well with anyone who likes Sick Puppies while "Motivation" sounds like something that's copied straight from 3EB's playbook. Both songs are great as they are, but the real ear-catcher comes in form of "Birthday" - A song that just has the kind of chorus that goes straight to your brain and stays, and should earn a spot on the alternative charts if I know what's right. The almost Zebrahead-ish "Afterall" isn't that fantastic as a follow-up, but then there's "Pretend" putting the catchyness right back in the chorus section. "Hollywood" could've been left out for my sake, as this kind of Danger Radio-esque RnB-rock is really getting to annoy me these days, and while the slight ska of "Kissing Your Lips" is commendable as a variation, the song isn't that awesome all together. By the time "Take Me Now" comes on, we've reached track 10 and it has taken me little more than two spins to get well aquainted with more than half the songs. This first of two wannabe-anthems don't impress half as much as its successor "Promise Me" does, with its uplifting "Make me an offer I can't refuse!"-chorus marking another high point for the album.

By the time the two last rather anonymous tracks are done, the tracklist has counted to 13, and you'd be hard pressed to feel that you haven't gotten your money's worth. As for consistency, it counts for something that more than half the tracks are instantly recognizable, if not overwhelmingly original, and in fact I only have few critical comments for Quietdrive. One is that it seems like they really only have one "Chorus-mode" and while their style is varied well throughout their verses, the differences between the choruses on "Deliverance" are a bit too slight to really make each come into their own, and because of this, the album is also a bit monotonous to listen to as a whole. However, as a package of good songs you can pull out of your library and enjoy every once in a while, it is a quality piece of musicianship and a convincing one too, honing the best elements of the last decade in a world where the pop-rock scene has otherwise pretty much gone to RnB/crunk hell. TL approves;


Download: Birthday, Daddy's Little Girl, Motivation, Promise Me
For The Fans Of: Third Eye Blind, Sick Puppies, Zebrahead, The Audition
Listen: myspace.com/quietdrive

Release Date 14.10.2008
The Militia Group

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