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Written by: AB on 23/12/2008 17:25:07

Yet another grindcore album from Regain Records, Kill the Client's "Cleptocracy" is easily the most brutal of the three grind record reviews I've had the pleasure of doing within the last few days. This is also the last of the grindcore albums on my pending reviews list, so let's make this a grind finale shall we? I will try not to drag it out too much though, as that surely won't go well with the attention span of your average Kill the Client listener; "Cleptocracy"'s 18 songs just manage to hit the 'golden' 23 minutes mark.

So, like a midget stripper at a julefrokost, this is an affair both short and sweet. As mentioned, this little piece of work places itself in the extremely brutal end of the extreme metal/grindcore range. Prepare for a full hearted extreme music experience as Kill the Client unleashes volley after volley of super frenzied death influenzed grindcore. The speed level is on 11 all the way through (with the one exception of the instrumental song "Downfall" which basically is one long breakdown), and I'd estimate the brutality level to be at least on 13. At least.

These guys manage to pull it off without ending up sounding br00tal luckily, as the musicians clearly know what they're doing - especially the drumming is very well done, and it always pleases me when a band growls like it's nobody's business, which these fellows do most of the time. Though sadly, we do get the crummy punk grindcore vocals every once in a while (and through the whole of album closer "Terminal Nation"), and this pisses me off no end because the rest is so convincingly aggressively and brutally done.

Even though Kill The Client doesn't challenge their genre as much as for example the recently reviewed Maruta or the grind old man of alternative grindcore, Pig Destroyer, I still find myself strangely liking this little record. Their grind is straight and to the point, but the awesome drumming, the very well done axe work, and obviously the death metal vocals manage to win me over just here - when it works. Which it does most of the time. But I'm still giving this a little grief on the basis of the genre clichés that one apparently has to adhere to when doing grindcore - sound clips, either from movies, or as here 'cleverly' computer-manipulated (George Bush talking about 'the war' as a suicide project for the world and the crowd going hoorah! and yeah!), or the 'required' breakdowns...

To sum up, this is like being hit in the face with musical brutality, and if this is your thing, well here's nice little a Christmas present idea to yourself.

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Release date 27.10.2008
Candlelight Records

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